Modern diesel engines operate with electronic engine control (EDC). Unfortunately, these controls are usually embedded in a complex system and work in conjunction only with, for example, the vehicle.


But if the engine shall run in other application, it is very difficult to integrate the environment of the original application into the new system. Mostly an engine start-up already fails because of in the immobilizer system.
Missing or other sensors / actuators lead to errors, and the engine will run, if at all, only in emergency operation.


We solve this problem with our own freely programmable control units. These ECUs are not only able to control the engine, additional sensors and actuators can be included for further functionality. In addition, the controller can also take over functions that go beyond the engine management system.


Thus, for example, a smart OM660 engine can be used in a dual fuel CHP application, based on vegetable oil and biogas.


The ECU can be easily connected to a aggregate control (or any other control) via CAN bus or analog / digital signals.


For the operation of a spark ignition gas engine, it is possible to drive spark plugs instead of injectors.
Please don't hesitate to contact us, we will find the optimal solution for your application.


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