• The actual engine data is on CAN bus according to standard J1939 protocol. These data can be viewed with any standard J1939 instrument.
  • Current errors and alarms can be read via blink code with a lamp or LED, connected to the ECU.
  • On-board diagnostics (OBD)

A very comfortable way to access the ECU is our application program

The application program is a PC-based tool for commissioning, operation, maintenance and diagnostics of ECUs. The application program can access all desired engine data and settings in a very clear way and dan also change during operation. The Communication to the control unit is performed via CAN bus, using an USB-CAN converter (ASAP CCP protocol).

The settings are easy to edit. Engine Characteristic maps and curves can be exported to Excel and imported.
Also complete data sets can be stored, edited offline and flashed back to the ECU.

The integrated 8-channel storage oscilloscope with data recording. A valuable tool for recording interesting processes. Also complex correlations can be discerned at one glance with this tool.

Error counter and error memory, color display of the fault condition.

In addition, the application program provides the best conditions for an effective online support.

Download an operationa software (for example, after software change) into the control device is possible via the application program.

Hierarchical access with login names and passwords.


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