Depending on the application, there are proven standard software functions available.

  • Speed detection via crankshaft and camshaft sensors. Both inductive and Hall sensors can be used.
  • Measurement of analog values: all usual pressure or temperature sensors can be used. A later change of the sensor can be made at any time by adapting the sensor characteristic via the Application Program.
  • Injection with angular synchronism: The position of speed sensors is adjustable. The injection begin can be set for each operating point - In the standard case phi = f (n, Q) with correction of cooling water temperature. Of course additional criteria can be specified, such as correction via an external signal (analog or CAN bus) or manually by entering in the application program. There also can be corrections defined, separately for each cylinder.
  • Injector data: injector map, cylinder-selective correction, injection delay, boost- and hold current, boost current duration.
  • Pre- and post-injection.
  • Speed Controller: variable speed governor or idle/maximum speed governor for vehicle applications. Proven PID controller. Parameters can be applied. The controller can be adapted to each application.
  • Droop.
  • Quantity limitation curves.
  • Rail pressure regulator.
  • Boost pressure regulator, EGR...
  • Dual Fuel Gas regulator with intelligent switching.
  • Error management: sensor failure; Deviations: alarm/failure limit values can be applied. In Freeze-frames, most important engine data such as speed, pressure, temperature, injection quantity and angle etc.. are saved to the respective error.

In addition, every imaginable feature can be implemented according to your wishes.

Functions can also be disabled and manually actuated for the evaluation of single components or for research and teaching.





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