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The Weisskopf Engineering UG was founded in February 2012. Our core competence is to develop customized system solutions for engine management of common-rail diesel or -Gas engine (dual-fuel) and its integration to the application system.

Our engine control units are freely programmable, so all desired functions can be implemented without any problems to customer specification.


Whether in vehicle or as a stationary engine - we optimize your motor at any desired application and support you from the concept through to batch production.


Of course we can also deliver - together with our partners - complete engines or systems (eg CHP) or build a system on your engine.


We can rely on many years of experience in electronic engine controls. Our managing director Christian Weisskopf has made it his mission to advance the systems of BSG Bodensee Steuergeräte GmbH and ensure the production of engine control units.


Mr. Weisskopf was involved in development of hard- and software at the BSG from 2003 until its liquidation in 2012.


Weisskopf engineering UG



Christian Weißkopf



Tel.: +49 (0) 75 44 - 75 99 102

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